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"Swing! Swing as if your life depended on it! Or at least your score."
Some wise man, or something
One pendulum. One map. One goal. Nothing else should be needed to get you excited. ALTERNATIV Is there anything else you need to get excited?
In Pendulum, you cannot move on your own. Only gravity and external influences such as trampolines and fans can help you achieve your goal. Sometimes you’ll need patience, sometimes you’ll need concentration, and sometimes it’s just trial and error - a new challenge is always just around the corner. But they all have one thing in common - at some point you’ll reach your goal. Guaranteed. Probably. Maybe.
The Goal
Well, reach the goal! This green, glowing box somewhere on the map. That's it! Sounds easy, doesn't it?
The Mechanics
The basics are quite simple: Once your pendulum is released from its cage it's up to physics. Your only help is that you can fix both ends of your pendulum in any place at any time and independently of each other, so that only the other end can swing freely. You may - no - have to use this advantage to maneuver your pendulum through the world. Whether you’re navigating, interacting or simply swinging around – this game will make you swing into action.
(ha - get it? Swing! Hahaha)
The Elements
There are various interactive elements within the puzzles that will add a lot to your frustration:
Laser Barriers
trigger events. Just be careful not to trigger anything you don't want to!
Force Fields
prevent passage. They can be opened and closed - but only by the correct trigger elements, of course...
add extra stress to the game
Wind Machines
are, in addition to gravity, the only other ways to gain energy, height or momentum. Wind machines can be activated and deactivated.
Gravity Fields
serve to confuse you a little more.
The Editor & Community Level
Of course, you shouldn't take out your frustration on your keyboard, your desk or even a fellow human being. That is why we have provided you with an opportunity to really drive the sweat on other people's brows and test their vocal cords. We present: The
Level Editor
(editor... editor... tor... tor...)
Basically, you only need a spawn point and a goal surrounded by a bit of map to create a playable level. All it takes are a few seconds. But of course you don't have to leave it at that - there are no limits to your creativity! Or rather, almost no limits.
Oh yeah - Of course, you can also share your self-created levels with other players by publishing them.
Publishing your own levels and playing the levels of other players is only possible after you have completed the easy section! We don't want to make it too easy, do we?


Windows 7
Version 11
500 MB available space
Windows 10
Version 12
1 GB available space

Languages: English / German
Developer: thelaumix productions
Publisher: thelaumix productions
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