Ratz Instagib

Tired of bloated, overly-complex FPS games? Fancy getting addicted to something that's fast, frantic and full of blasting fun? Then Ratz Instagib is exactly what you need!

Inspired by the classic Instagib mode of Unreal Tournament fame, Ratz Instagib takes the concept of arena-based FPS gaming and renders it down to its core essentials: namely, blasting your friends into tiny pieces with high-powered weaponry. Players take control of a railgun-toting rat in household-themed arenas, with every shot being a potential kill – no more shooting opponents repeatedly to little effect or suffering cheap deaths at the hands of people with an unfair advantage. It's every rat for themselves on an even playing field!

Here's a rundown of Ratz Instagib's key features:

Focoused Gameplay- The 'one gun, one shot' nature of Ratz Instagib makes it super-accessible and easy to understand-if it moves, shoot it! almost anyone can immediately pick up Ratz and start having fun with their friends, no matter what their FPS skill level 

Railguns- Everyone has the same gun, so its completely fair and balanced. What's more, because it's only railguns, there's no need to conside travel time on your shots... if you can see it kill it

Rocket Jumping- Rather than having to use your shots to throw you up into the air, there's a dedicated 'Rocket Jump" button (default: Right Mouse) which you can use to bounce around the map like mad. That's on top of the basic 'hop' jump (default: spacebar), which can be used repeatedly in quick succession to make you move faster.

Maps- This Early Access release of Ratz has eight different maps, based on real-world household enviroments: office, play room, swimming pool, gymnasium, longue and so on. As we get closer to the full release, we'll be adding more maps to enjoy; grab the game in Early Access and you'll see them before anyone else!

Customization- You can customise your game in a number of ways, thanks to the options menu that's jam-packed with....well options. There are 7 different farg types to choose from 92 to start with, plus 5 to unlock as you play) and 5 different beam types(1 intially, 4 to unlock) but more are planned as development continues. You can also play with all kinds of settings, too many to mention here-you'll need to see for yourself to appreciate how much there are

Modes- as well as straightforward Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, Ratz also features Capture the Flag and Freeze Tag, so you can mix things while you play. Freeze tag's espically hectic, as the tide of battle can turn really quickly; frozen players can be unfrozen by teammates, but doing that without getting hit yourself is the real challenge

Stats and Leaderboards- Ratz has fully stat-tracking and leaderboards to help keep track of your progress, allowing players to be ranked via tiers and then better matched with others of the same skill level in matchmaking. Or you could just set up private games with your friends and blow them to bits without fear of losing...maybe!

Designed to be a fast and furious take on the genre, Ratz Instagib is about as fun as arena-based FPS games get. Jump into a match today and see for yourself!


Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows XP

Processor: Intel i3 Processor, 2.0GHz

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Integrated Graphics (256MB) 

DirectX: Version 9.0

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Hard Drive: 600 MB available space

Sound Card: Any compatible soundcard

Additional Notes: Mouse/Keyboard required; turn off anti-aliasing/outlines to maximise framerate

Recommended Requirements

OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel i5 Processor, 2.8GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or similar dedicated graphics card

DirectX: Version 9.0

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Hard Drive: 600 MB available space

Sound Card: Any compatible soundcard

Additional Notes: Mouse/Keyboard required

Shoot first, eat cheese later! Jump into a fast, frenetic and exciting one-hit, one-kill FPS arena shooter with a totally level playing field, tonnes of maps, customisation and a robust map editor!
Steam score: 93%
Languages: English
Developer: Lino Slahuschek
Publisher: Rising Star Games
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Ratz Instagib
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