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Harness the power of the ocean and navigate the depths of Nuanor with the Heart Of The Sea Pack, offering a shimmering bounty of costumes, an exquisite pair of wings and a full month of boosts and Premium Service!
Marine Splendor Apparel Brocade Box
This box will endow you with a stunning Marine Splendor outfit, riven with pearls and reflecting the cascading majesty of the ocean.
Male: Marine Splendor Attire
Female: Marine Splendor Dress
Please note, you will only receive one outfit based on your character's gender.
Marine Splendor Ornament Brocade Box
Neptune would happily trade his trident for this aquatic headpiece.
Marine Spendor Headpiece
Please note this is a single item designed for both genders and all body-types.
Flying Fishes wings
Take to the skies with the life of the ocean dancing in your wake. Not only do these shimmering wings look stunning, but they also have the stats to match:
Non-Combat Stamina Skill recovery: +15.0%
Stamina Value recovered while flying: +30.0%
Flying Speed: 12.0 m/s
Running Speed: 24.0 m/s
Darting Stamina Use: 14.0 points/sec
Remember, its stats can always be improved when you tear your wings up with Spirit Feathers!
Heart of the Sea title
Wear your heart on your sleeve, or whenever it is you like to promote your title to others.
Bubbles and Squeak pets
A unique pair of pets that like to stay in touch. Keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend and you can both enjoy their conversations!
Premium Service (180 Days)
Premium Service gets you off with valuable bonuses to make your adventures in Nuanor more comfortable and epic, these bonuses include:
Get 10% more XP for slaying basic monsters.
Increase the basic stamina recovery speed outside of combat by 20%.
Claim or Freeze Double XP Time without having to interact with a special NPC.
Ability to restore crafting energy while offline (Diligence & Inspiration)
Double the limit of crafting energy that can be stored (Diligence & Inspiration)
Daily Loot - 4,000 Imperial Coins which be used for purchasing various items from NPCs, and also such operations as repairing equipment and using portals.
Daily Loot - 2 Crystal Pills that can increase character experience.
Daily Loot - 2 Free World Shouts: Uses the power of the mountains and rivers to shout to the entire world. A product of the Imperial Marksman Academy. Automatically disappears when a message is sent to the Greatvoice channel.
Allows you to activate Progress Boost Pack, Battle Boost Pack, Explorer's Boost Pack
Please note, that the premium service only lasts for 180 days.
Explorer's Boost (180 Days)
Travelling around Nuanor has never been easier, check out what benefits you get with the Explorer's Boost:
Your mount(s) won’t get hungry when used.
Your wing(s) won’t wear out when used.
All mounts within the mount inventory panel will inherit the speed of your fastest mount.
All wings within the wing inventory panel will inherit the speed of your fastest wings.
Daily Loot - 3 Explorer's Boosts
Daily Loot - 1 Windrider Feathers
Please note, you can only use the Explorer’s Boost if Premium Service is active and that the Explorer’s Boost only lasts for 180 days.
Cultivation Boost (180 Days)
Gain additional Experience Points, League Value and Demonslayer Points with the Cultivation Boost, check out the benefits:
Get 20% more Daily Honing Experience recovery, which works in the background.
Get 15% more Experience when using Food in the Hot Springs.
Additional 30% more League Value if you are within the maximum cap.
Additional 30% more Demonslayer Points if you are within the maximum cap.
Get 3 times Experience on Trial mode dungeons. (Misty Hollow: Trial, Tower of Pain: Trial, Trial of the Four Kings)
Daily Loot - 2 Small Whimsy Bead Pouches
Daily Loot - 1 Cod Liver Oil granule
Please note, you can only use the Cultivation Boost if Premium Service is active and that the Cultivation Boost only lasts for 180 days.
Battle Boost (180 Days)
Get additional activation pages to allow you to have different character builds, which you can switch between on the fly with the Battle Boost, check out the benefits:
Daily Loot - 5 Free Dungeon Respawns
Daily Loot - 2 Annex Vouchers
Access to an additional Special Attribute page.
Access to an additional Skill Cultivation page.
Please note, you can only use the Battle Boost if Premium Service is active and that the Battle Boost only lasts for 180 days.
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Windows 7 and higher
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT610/Intel HD 4000
Broadband Internet connection
30 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Broadband Connection with 128kb/s or more bandwidth
Windows 10
Intel Core i5 2.8 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 TI, 2 GB
Broadband Internet connection
30 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Broadband Connection with 512kb/s or more bandwidth

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Revelation Online - Heart of the Sea Pack
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