Right to Rule

Right to Rule is a game where you compete against other players by doing quests, killing monsters and gaining "Right to Rule" points, all with the goal of becoming the ruler of Drakenheim. The game is played in matches with a new victor each time, based on your progress in your game will determine your reward which will carry over via your profile. There will be many options for persistent profile progress for players to unlock, like cosmetics, emotes, even a fully customizable castle the player can decorate with things unlocked by playing.
You have many different options when it comes to taking over the vast kingdom. Pick one that fits your playstyle or try new approaches each time.
Fight your way to the throne using any or all combat styles including Melee, Magic, Ranged and Bard
Work your way up the political ladder by persuading, manipulating and bribing your way to the top
Gain an edge over other players by leveling up non-combat skills such as mining, enchanting, smithing, cooking amongst others.
Use these skills to complete a large variety of quests given by the people of Drakenheim.
Search all around the Island for hidden or secret areas where you can find special loot such as weapons, armor, spells, and quests.
Each game will be unique as quests and activities are randomly selected to be a part of each playthrough.
Pick a fight with tough bosses of many different types to win high amounts of Right to Rule and other unique rewards.
All players can attack each other at anytime, however that doesn’t mean you always should...
The city of Drakenheim has a handful of guards who will arrest you if you commit violence or, any crime for that matter, against anyone within the city walls. When you get arrested by the guards, you will be jailed and you’ll need to wait out your sentence, missing out on the experience and Right To Rule points you could’ve gotten in that time. When you die, you will need to wait to respawn. The higher your level – the longer the respawn time, so be careful.
You can embark on a quest, which will reward you with possibly special items, Right To Rule points, exclusive access to a previously unreachable area and any other advantage over your rivals. As previously mentioned, every match the available quests will be randomized, so you’ll always have a different playthrough each time.
Each match should last up to an hour, with you competing against multiple players, everyone on their own, each trying to become the ruler before you do. The player who becomes the ruler of The Kingdom of Drakenheim, wins the game.
When you win, you will get various unlocks for cosmetics and rewards according to what you have done in that match.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. Active internet connection required for online multiplayer.
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Take the throne of a kingdom searching for a new ruler. As a contender to the throne, you must show the people of Drakenheim that you have what it takes to lead them forward, towards a bright & prosperous future. Do quests, slay monsters, stop usurpers - do whatever it takes to secure the throne.
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Languages: English
Developer: Frostbox Studios LLC
Publisher: Frostbox Studios LLC
Online Co-op
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Right to Rule
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