Scraps and Patches

Scraps and Patches a cross between and a RTS. Oh, and a double dose of technomancy. You command a giant army of robots, and your mission is to subdue other armies of robots - and when you do, you can install your own software and get them to fight for your side. Grow your army, send self-destructing robots flying into the enemy ranks – the world has been hacked, and needs patching.
The start of it all
We had no jobs. Artificial Intelligence had rendered human beings obsolete. A revolutionary, open-source A.I. nicknamed S.H.R.E.D. came for every industry in a massive wave; almost overnight 95% of our jobs were gone.
But in the end, it didn't really matter. Cheap A.I. workers made for ridiculously cheap food, fuel, and consumer goods. A family of four could live for years on pocket change. Everything was running S.H.R.E.D., and everything ran cheaply and perfectly. Standard of living soared, poverty was eradicated, and no one had to work jobs they hated ever again.
...that's not to say we were idle. Teams of trouble-seeking hackers worked tirelessly to break open the honeypot, to crack the code behind S.H.R.E.D. There were rumors of progress, of tiny security weaknesses being exploited....and then someone hacked the military.
The mysterious Hacktivist posted the security hole online, and almost immediately other hackers and technologists started gobbling up their share of the A.I. controlled world. Soldiers, tanks, miners, cab drivers and baristas all turned against their owners and followed the new leaders of our broken world.
You've written a patch that addresses the security hole.
You can turn the robots against the power-hungry villains who have been using them.
Command your undead robotic army. Assimilate. Save the world.
What we have now:
* Endless mode, with dynamic difficulty (you always have the chance to claw your way back after a setback!)
* 20+ robots, including handfuls of minibosses, and two bosses.
Future Plans
* Progression system/market where you can buy and sell robots, tweaking your army composition.
* Minibosses for you to defeat and recruit
* Giant scary robot bosses
* Technology so advanced it's indistinguishable from magic.
* Single-player campaign
* Army builder - put any robots you want into an overwhelming force
* Lots and lots and lots of sweet robots!!!


Windows 7+
Drivers with support for OpenGL 3.3

Scraps and Patches is a cross between and an RTS. It's a micro military management game, with robots and technomancy. You build your army up from nothing, defeating enemy armies and resurrecting them to fight for your side!
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Publisher: Doubtful Games
Scraps and Patches
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