Screaming Eagles

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Linear Story Progression:
Choose between 4 characters, that utilize varying styles of attack and destruction. In a last ditch struggle against an encroaching enemy, Red Eye, the Private Military Company led by the proud Charles Redrum.

Classic Arcade:
The visual style, gameplay mechanics, and user interface were designed with arcade games in mind, but every asset is hand drawn or 3D
modeled prior to rendering for HD captures and displays.

The threat of millions of enemy projectiles flying towards you at various speeds and patterns, with the empowerment of various upgrades to
counter-attack and survive.

Facing the threat head-on isn't always the option, so the landscapes are opened up to avoid the immediate threat, to carve out your own
adventure, to locate the 18 hidden defense contracts and eventually unlock the mysterious 5th pilot.
In a world where fundamental terrorist plots have been wiped out by Private Military Companies and power lays at the hands of the few, governments around the world become financially and forcefully invaded by corporate moguls holding the military strings. Red Eye, one of the most powerful of the Private Military Companies begins their ruthless invasion of NATO. In response, the last of the free nations of the world band together with the strike force known as Screaming Eagles.
Pilot: Rico 'Boomer' Sanchez Airplane Model: Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
Attack G/M: 5/2 Bomb: Napalm Strike Passive: Hardened Armor (2x Health)
Pilot: Davis 'Hardcore' O'Neil Airplane Model: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
Attack G/M: 3/4 Bomb: JDAM Passive: Swift Flight (2x Movement Speed)
Pilot: Dorothy 'Switch' Weber Airplane Model: Eurofighter Typhoon
Attack G/M: 4/3 Bomb: EMP Passive: Electronic Countermeasure (Boss Health Bar)
Pilot: Leon 'Sage' Molchanov Airplane Model: Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut
Attack G/M: 2/5 Bomb: Thermobaric Bomb Passive: Armored Piercing Bullets (2x ATK)
Players will experience largely scaled conflict as they can freely fly over the multiple landscapes fit for exploring or evading. Track down the Red Eye corporation and the evil plans they have for the remaining free nations of the world. Hectic gameplay will be the norm as players try to avoid thousands of enemies and projectiles while boasting their own unique attacks and abilities that will scar the environment.
At the end of each of the 7 playable levels will be a massive vehicle, based in reality or completely fantastic in nature that will either heavily saturate the playing field with enemy fire, or by stages will get increasingly difficult to the player.
With all your might, reflexes and courage, take the battle to Charlie and his evil agenda. Score the highest on the leaderboards for score and kills for the right to call yourself the greatest Ace alive.


Windows 7
2.2 ghz Intel or AMD QuadCore
2gb video memory
Version 10
2 GB available space

Screaming Eagles is a flight top-down shooter that exemplifies everything that all great shooters of reference would include. Flashy effects, millions of enemies, huge bosses, it’s a retro-inspired shooter fit for gamers of old and new.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: A Maniacal Game LP
Publisher: A Maniacal Game LP
Full controller support
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Screaming Eagles
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