Sine Requie: Snake Eyes

Based on an award-winning Italian pen and paper RPG, Sine Requie: Snake Eyes is a Horror-Thriller roleplaying game with survival elements.
It revolves around the investigations of Inquisitor Rossano Mazzoni and its hunt against a secretive heretic cult in a post-apocalyptic 1954 Tuscany, in which the Dead rose to feed on the living.
Will you annihilate the new heretic cult: the Snake Eyes?
The story
On the 6th of June 1944, in the day that everyone knows as the D-Day, the world felt into the darkness of hell. On Judgement Day the Dead begun their hunt against mankind.
It is the year 1954, the world has become a pile of crumbles, where the few survivors try resist the hunger of the Dead. Few nations, held by cruel dictatorships, are left intact.
The darkest future that mankind could imagine turned into the most monstrous reality. This is the world of Sine Requie.
What was once a country named Italy, today is the Sanctum Imperium, a firm theocracy ruled by Pope Leo XIV.
The Roman Church took absolute power, turning these lands into an anachronistic place, where armoured Templars and horse-mounted Inquisitors parade the streets side-by-side with cars.
Here the population lives left behind, immersed in obscurantism, hidden within the walls of their fortified towns. In the hope of surviving the grasp of the Dead, societies manically persecute the heretics, who are considered the emissaries of the Devil, sent among us to defeat the Justs in the day of the Apocalypse.
Game Features
A story full of plot twists
Lead an inquisitorial team in their hunt against an heretical cult, racing against the clock. Your choices will change the story and the lives of those you will meet.
Each chapter boasts more than seven different endings: how will you use the power you hold? Will you be able to stop the mysterious demonic ritual threatening the Imperium's order? How many innocents are you willing to sacrifice?
An Imperium to explore
Travel across an alternate 50s Italy, portrayed through beautiful 3D maps inspired by those years' artwork.
Investigate, split the team in order to cover more leads at the same time. How will you overcome the obstacles on your path?
Game system based on Tarots
The good or bad outcome of each character's action will depend on his abilities but also on the whims of fate. Draw cards from the Tarot deck and face your destiny, be it favorable or else.
Careful: each card you draw will not reappear until the deck itself is reshuffled.
Stategic management of resources
Snake Eyes is a survival game, where each resource is scarce and valuable. Your characters will need to rest, eat, and also keep madness at bay along this nightmarish journey. Do mind, however, that time is the most precious of resources.
There is no rest from Death
Each battle can be the last for your characters, thanks to a simple but brutal turn-based strategic system. You will also need to keep an eye on the victims of your brutality, as in Sine Requie whoever dies will awaken. ALWAYS. Your fallen comrades will come back, and each victory may turn into defeat.
Cycle of day and night
Days and nights will slowly but inexorably alternate, changing the appearance of the world and your interactions with it.


Windows 10
1.4 Ghz
Version 9.0
4 GB available space

Based on the multiple awarded tabletop role playing game Sine Requie, Snake Eyes is an investigative horror RPG with a strong strategic component. Travel between the Tuscan Mountains in an alternative version of 1954, in which the dead arise to eat the flesh of the living.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English / Italian
Publisher: We Were UV
Sine Requie: Snake Eyes
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