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Solarpower is an online space action-adventure-strategy-sim where you vie for galactic control in a dynamic, ever-changing galaxy. The galaxy is vast, and humans have barely started to leave Earth in the wake of interstellar travel. There are thousands of planets waiting for colonization - and they're ripe for the taking.
Create and manage your colonies, bringing adventurous colonists to inhabit it. Manage your colony and tax it to gain income. Defend it from intruding pirates keen on taking its spoils.
Trade resources and equipment between ports. Exploit profitable trade routes throughout the galaxy. Explore remote planets for exotic weapons and gear. Discover all the galaxy has to offer.
Or you can go the pirate route. Invade and pillage colonies, taking their taxed income for yourself. Turn them into totalitarian regimes and induce productivity through fear. Hunt players with bounties on their heads. Engage in combat with other captains.
And, if you're feeling a bit lonely in the open ocean, form a Corporation with other players. Share profits and take over entire galactic sectors. Earn your title as the most powerful Corp in the galaxy.
Explore thousands of star systems and planets - each procedurally generated with individual features and quirks.
Take control of uninhabited planets and grow your empire. Plan governments and organize the workforce. Defend your newly claimed planet from invasion by other players... or invade colonies and take the spoils.
Trade precious resources between ports or mine them yourself from asteroids and planets. Develop trading routes that change over the course of a game.
Upgrade your starship with spoils from your adventures. Equip weapons and add-ons and defend yourself from pirates and hostile players. Track down and hunt players for bounty.
What happens to the galaxy, stays in the galaxy. Your actions in the galaxy leave a footprint on the world, be it through establishing starports of your own or destroying other players' colonies for entertainment. Be careful, though - when you log off, your ship remains where it lies, and other players who find you sleeping might not be so merciful.
Join or create corporations with other players. Share colonies and finances between each other. Manage your group's slice of the galaxy and become the dominant galactic force. Hang out on starports.
Become known as the most experienced politician or the most terrifying pirate in the galaxy. Gain experience and reputation based on the actions you perform, positive or negative. Compete with other players for the title of 'most experienced captain'. Then, once you've dominated one galaxy, try another server, with a completely different galaxy, ruleset, and playerbase to shake things up.


Windows 7+
2.5 GHz or faster
Version 11
Broadband Internet connection
5 GB available space
Broadband Internet connection
15 GB available space

Languages: English
Publisher: Ramjet Studios
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