SoulWorker - Item Qube 2

The GMG Item Qube 2 gets you exclusive titles, a cool outfit and some sweet accessories. Alongside plenty of other items, there is also the highly-prized gold VIP Membership!
Included in the pack:
1x Gold VIP Booster (30 days)
Boost your progress with the golden VIP Membership! You’ll get the following for 30 days: 
+120 max. energy points per day; +20% dzenai; +20% item drop chance; +5 displayable items on the Market; No Market fees; +2 days Market listing period; +20% chance of Grutins appearing in dungeons (including for group members).
The membership also includes the following items:
10x Bonus Keycard
10x Respawner
10x Battle Book (2 hrs) +20%
1x Hidden Akasha Transmitter
1x Teleportation Book (30 days; Click this item to teleport to a town you’ve already visited as many times as you like.)
1x Green Man (Primary Title)
Are you a title collector? This one is an exclusive, it is only available in this pack! But be warned: other players may want to start poking you with questions about where you got this title from.
1x Gaming (Secondary Title)
Something’s missing after ‘Green Man’? Well spotted! As titles in SoulWorker comprise two separate parts, this exclusive secondary title completes the set.
1x Trader Alliance Outfit (Class Qube)
The fine material that this exclusive outfit is made out of, as well as the characteristic green colouring embody the affiliation to the Trader Alliance. With this gear too, be careful not to be poked full of holes from questions!
1x Star Glasses (Class Qube)
Have the Hipster Glasses from the Green Man Box already raised your coolness rating? Well these Star Glasses are the celebrity amongst glasses and make you 40% cooler at the very least!
1x Straw Hat (Class Qube)
In-game sunshine is way hotter than the real-world sun! This Straw Hat protects you from sunburn, or you can just use it as a cute accessory.
1x Pirate Furnishing (A)
Arrr! This furnishing set that holds 17 items will turn your SoulWorker home into a Pirate’s nest!
1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
Pockets full? This ticket will extend your inventory slots by 2x6 slots.
10x Bonus Keycard
This keycard is magic! Really! Additional rewards will land in your inventory after a dungeon as if they appeared out of thin air.
10x HP & SF Kit
This kit gets you 50% more health (HP) and SoulForce (SF). It was designed for overcoming brutal final bosses. You can of course use it against weaker foes and then hit them with your entire SoulWorker strength... overkill!
10x Respawner
‘Oh, I, er, tripped for a moment’. For when life beats you up and knocks you down, the Respawner gets you up again!
1x Peak Power Vitamin G
Vitamin G, the vitamin of gaming, gives you an important resource in SoulWorker: 50 energy points (EP)!


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2 duo E8300
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GT440 / Radeon HD 4850
Disk Space: 4 GB available space
API: DirectX: Version 9.0c

Languages: English / French / German / Italian / Korean / Spanish / Polish
Developer: Lion Games Co Ltd
Publisher: Gameforge 4D GmbH
SoulWorker - Item Qube 2
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