Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - Expansion Pack
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Product Description
The official
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Mission Pack
will offer players a variety of diverse gameplay experiences. For the first time ever, trekkers will be able to explore an interactive 3D recreation of Voyager's interior in Tour Mode. Once aboard, players will have unrestricted access to 15 decks of the ship, including the bridge, officer quarters, holodecks, the transporter room, Hazard Team crew quarters, sickbay, astrometrics, the shuttlebay and engineering. Additionally, many of the ship's systems and all of the crew will be interactive. Players can perform complex tasks like initiating Voyager's self-destruct sequence or shutting down the warp core, along with finding secret items hidden objectives, and mini-games. Once players finish touring the ship, they can hone their Hazard Team skills in two new single player campaigns, a Captain Proton holo-novel and an assault on a Klingon compound.
Multiplayer also benefits from the new add-on pack with 17 additional multiplayer maps and 12 new models.
The Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Mission Pack
will also feature two new game modes. In a new class-based team game, players will be able to select a character class (i.e. security, medical, engineering) with unique skill bonuses to complement their style of play. Additionally, in the assimilate mode, a group of players have to neutralise a lone Borg invader before they become assimilated. Review
Elite Force Mission Pack
attempts to fill in the gaps in the original
Elite Force
. Hardcore
fans may be pleased with the Virtual Voyager mode, which enables you to wander around the ship, interacting with crew members and equipment. However, some may find getting lost in Voyager's labyrinthine corridors a little frustrating and tasks to complete, items to collect and mini-games to discover are too heavily interspersed with pointless corridor wandering to be particularly entertaining.
The single player game remains unchanged, save for the inclusion of Jeri Ryan's voice. This is disappointing because one major gripe was the shortness of the original adventure. Similarly, the new holo-training missions are a very hit-and-miss affair, offering little more than bland variations of the original holo-distractions. It's not all bad though; there are enough new maps and model skins to accompany most online gamers right through puberty. New modes include Assimilation--a Borg-themed version of Tag--and Elimination, a last-player-standing variation. Disintegration provides a frenetic "one-shot kills" mode and Action Hero sees players trying to neutralise the Hero in order to earn enhanced weapons and abilities. The player-class option brings more team-based play to
Elite Force
, with player strengths and weaknesses depending on their chosen class. Remaining offerings range from artwork and preview trailers to the useful editing tools for the mod makers out there (somewhere).
Despite the volume of extras, the expansion pack only really improves on the multiplayer game and single player fans won't be missing much. As such this will only appeal to those who truly love
Elite Force
; less fanatical fanatics will have to boldly go elsewhere for their fix. --
Tae Mawson

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