Steel Rain!

Are you fed up with arcade strategies with units fighting in almost hand to hand distances?
Bored with slow-paced simulators with UI that could be used as torture tool?
Steel Rain
We are accustomed to the idea that realistic war games almost always lack in graphics, audio, UI department and need lot of time to play.
But they don't have to. They shouldn't….. and that's why Steel Rain idea was born.
We believe that's because war game developers usually aren't players and lack passion for their products.
Time to prove that you don’t need to choose between fun or realism!
Founded and designed with passion by long time war games player raised on classic series like Steel Panthers, Sudden Strike, Blitzkrieg, Combat Mission, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Company of Heroes etc. who believe that the best WWII themed game has yet to come :)
Thanks to vast experience and passion with war games we could take the best from both worlds: casual strategies and realistic war games, without neglecting audio and UI departments that we believe are as important as good visuals for truly immersive and fun wargame experience.
Not less important is also community engagement with game and it's development.
Steel Rain is designed at the very foundation with modding support and multiplayer game modes. It's more war gaming sandbox/platform than some yet another casual WWII themed RTS.
Steel Rain is not just game. It's not just another project. It's a dream. It's a mission to make the ultimate World War II gaming platform, without any compromises.
Steel Rain
By players. For players.
Key features
dynamic real-time gameplay on WWII eastern front (more fronts/content to come in future)
multiplayer and single player game modes
compete with others: online player global statistics like points, won battles, total units lost etc.
designed for modding at the very foundation: easily change sounds, assets data, models, textures, and even ammunition!
provided with user friendly tools for content editing: map/mission editor, assets editor, ammunition editor
vehicles crew system – every weapon/vehicle needs crew - leave any vehicle any time, exchange tank crews and take over enemy's vehicles after eliminating crew
battle logistics and resources management - get and transport fuel, ammunition and spare parts
all physics driven world – vehicles' suspension, ballistics, guns recoil and even ragdolls!
big battles with hundreds units fighting simultaneously
Audio and visuals
fully dynamic lighting
day and night system
various weather conditions(rain, storm, fog etc)
true to real life 3d vehicles and equipment models with great attention to details
immersive audio system with simulated speed of sound, distant attenuation and more
hdr particle effects
detailed unit models with moving tracks, wheels and suspension parts
cutting edge visuals using physically-based rendering
advanced units' perception system – wisely hide your soldiers in bushes and they can be almost invisible
functional vehicle crew members - tank without driver won’t be able to move etc.
realistic ballistics with historical accurate data like projectile type, velocity, mass etc.
advanced damage system including multiple penetrations by one shell, ricochets, explosion pressure, shrapnels, crew injury etc
internal and external components damage(tracks, wheels, engine, gun etc.)
Current status
Game is currently in development, with demo coming out very soon.
To get more details of current development status be sure to checkout our public development roadmap (linked as game website)


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 8 or newer
i5 4670k
GeForce GTX670
Version 11
Broadband Internet connection
4 GB available space
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Steel Rain is dynamic and realistic real time strategy, based in World War II era. Developed with passion as the ultimate wargaming sandbox with unlimited modding possibilties. Features unparalleled combination of gameplay fun and realism, with focus on community and modding.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: Ronis Vision entertainment
Publisher: Ronis Vision entertainment
Online Co-op
Steel Rain!
To be released
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