Story in the Dream World -Volcano And Possession-

This Game is Bullet Shooting Game(STG).
The beginning of the game story ...
It is a story of a girl with dream skills playing in her own dream!
"Dreams are my playground, and I can go anywhere with my dreams, and I can make things that can not happen in reality!"
The protagonist is a student and a dream talent (a lucid dreamer).
Ability to create and change Her dreams at will.
And a little unusual taste with an interest in the old stories of the eastern countries.
Yeon-seul(protagonist) visits the school and sees the world in the news.
I think so.
'It's nice to enjoy other cultures ...'
'Why are we so indifferent to our (Korean peninsula)? I think we can make good things ... '
In the meantime, Yeon-seul such as the story of the Korean peninsula or myths were investigated.
I was really interested in this as well.
One day, she was playing with his dreams as usual.
By the way, I felt like being attracted to someone.
It is the place where it came to be attracted to the HyunMongDoWon ... The place where the feeling of the village which was in the old Korean peninsula is scattered.
I do not know who led me, but I really like it because I was dreaming about this kind of atmosphere.
So the story began.
My game is important for fun, but also for storytelling.
So there are some dialogue in the game, and you can see the stories related to the game in the menu other than game play.
(In my work, I do not mean that 'this is not necessarily true' because there is my own interpretation.)
Those who want to enjoy the stories in the game, and those who just want to enjoy the game play, please enjoy!
How to play the game
1. Normal mode (game start menu)
Whenever you enter each chapter, avoid and attack multiple enemy attacks that will appear for a certain amount of time and shoot down!
After a certain amount of time, the boss comes out and dialogue to the player and starts a duel with the player.
Beat the boss and enter the next chapter or look at the endings!
2. Boss rush mode (BR Start !! menu)
Normal mode is difficult to continue (within a limited number of times) regardless of the number of times to unlock the mode. (clear once)
In this mode, there are no enemy and no dialogue to the boss.
And it's a little harder than normal mode boss!
Only if you duel with the boss and the fast battles and Beat the boss, you will go to the next chapter or the game ends immediately!
(There is no ending in this mode.)
Game configuration keys
Z: menu / weapon selection, selected weapon launch, (dialogue with the boss, Proceed the dialogue)
X: backward, invincibility+Enemy Attack, (dialogue with the boss, Skip the dialogue)
Arrow key: Move in the direction of the arrow (+ Shift will move it at low speed)


Windows 7
2 GB available space
Windows 7/8/10...
4 GB available space

hello! I'm South Korean, One Man Game Creator Nuriverse! This game series is made up of many traditional stories from Korea. Thank you for stopping by!
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Languages: English / Korean
Publisher: Polaris(붙박이별)
Story in the Dream World -Volcano And Possession-
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