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Army, Navy and Air Force. Real-time strategy, simulator, shooter.All updates are free for the game buyers. (New maps, new versions of the game).Set of gamesThe set consists the game and 4 map in it. The development of a new map takes 3 days. In case of interest to the game from buyers, the developer will add new maps for free.============================Brief overview. Tactics: Bludgeons BlessingThis is a real-time strategy, combined with simulators of an airplane, a tank, a rocket launcher, a ship and a submarine. You can select many units with a frame and give them a route of movement by clicking the cursor on the landscape or on the map several times where the route will pass. But you can control each unit manually, looking from the cabin of the unit or from behind. The missiles and torpedoes shoot automatically, but you can also shoot manually. Manual shooting with missiles and torpedoes gives an advantage in accuracy and in the rate of fire. Manual shooting from the tank gives less advantages, because each tank has only one gun.-Try to immediately grab free bases. This will give advantages in the strength of the army. Use for this aircraft. The takeoff button will allow the aircraft to take off automatically. Manual take-off in addition to the automatic will give an advantage in time.- When capturing an enemy base, try to immediately fire at the headquarters building. While the headquarters is not captured, the enemy receives repair of his units.-You need to take the airplane for repair to the airfield.-Use the ships at the ferries to destroy enemy tanks and planes. Ships are a very powerful weapon. Take care of your aviation and tanks from collision with them.-Capture of each base gives an advantage in new units.-Deceive enemy spies. The enemy monitors your plans. Change the route of your troops so that the enemy waits for you in another place.-You can specify the route of movement for new units. Select the appropriate headquarters of the relevant military base and сlick on the waypoint of this route on the terrain or map.-The game defaults to a difficult level. If it is difficult to win, choose in the menu a level of complexity easier.-Get reward medals, new military ranks and insignia for a well-aimed shooting. For each victory you get a new military rank and a medal. You can become a pilot ace and get the appropriate sign, if you control the airplane manually and destroy many targets. But first you will become a third-class pilot.You can also become a class tankman and a class sailor and get the appropriate sign.-If you play at light levels, you can only grow to the rank of sergeant major. To receive officer ranks right up to the brigadier general, choose a difficult level.Pressing F1, you get on the screen a list of control keys and their purpose. Since different units are managed differently, the list of keys will be different. Interactive help itself is adjusted to the mode in which the player plays. You can move around the world by clicking on the map or by the ASWDQZ keys. The speed of moving the camera is changed by rotating the mouse wheel.===========================================Content includedGame content: 4 types of aircraft, 3 types of tanks, 2 types of missile tanks, 2 types of ships and 2 types of submarines, 3 types of military headquarters and 4 battle maps. Secondary content includes - helicopters, houses, hangars, watchtowers, tents, antennas, radar stations, fuel storages, searchlights and slag tanks, lighthouses, sharks, trees and bridges. Each map has 3 to 4 islands and 5 to 6 airfields, 5 to 6 military bases of armored vehicles and 5 to 6 naval bases. You can start the game with any of them. The development of a new map takes 3 days. In case of interest to the game from buyers, the developer will add new maps for free. In the content of the game there are awards for achievements in the game - 12 types of medals, epaulettes from the private to the brigadier general and signs of class skills for pilots, tankmen and sailors.===========================================Key features 1) Managing single units and unit groups as in any real-time strategy. To do this, you must click the mouse button to draw a frame and select a group of units or 1 unit. All units that fall into the frame will be selected. Then you have to click on the place on the map (M key) or lashshafte (no need to press any keys) where you want to send the units. To reset the route setting mode, simply click the mouse wheel. At the same time, your units will fight without the intervention of the player as in a real-time strategy.2) Manually manage single units. The player can double-click on any unit and get into his cabin. This can be done by clicking on the unit once with the mouse wheel. From the cockpit, the player can intervene in the control, turn off the autopilot, control the unit manually and shoot targets manually. To switch the view from the cockpit to the view from behind, you need to spin the mouse wheel. To exit the cab, click the mouse wheel.3) To quickly navigate through the landscape, you need to open the map (M key) and click the mouse to the desired location. You can also navigate the map by pressing the ASWDQZ keys. The travel speed can be changed by rotating the mouse wheel.4) For planes to take off from all your aerodromes themselves, press the takeoff button in the lower game menu. This will speed up your attacks.5) To take the aircraft to the airport, select them and click the cursor at the selected aerodrome.6) Near their bases, ships and tanks will receive repairs automatically. The aircraft must be landed at the aerodrome for repair.7) New units for your army will be produced on the captured bases. The more bases are captured, the more units in your army.8) To win the game, you must capture all enemy staffs and hold out for 180 seconds.9) For the victory the player is awarded medals and new epaulettes from the private to the brigadier general.10) For a well-aimed shooting the player is rewarded with badges 3, 2, 1 and top class for pilots, sailors and tankmen, depending on what the player shot accurately.===========================================Gameplay.Real-time strategy with the possibility of a simulator for any aircraft, tank, rocket launcher, ship or submarine. For one player. You're fighting a bot.The goal of the game is to capture all enemy bases on the map. (M button). You do not need to build anything. Only war.The enemy will defend their bases and will try to capture the player's bases. On the map, enemy bases are marked in green, and the player's bases are yellow. White color indicates free bases. Their markers will be blue. They are easier to capture, so they must be captured first. The more bases a player has, the more units he will get at his bases. The greater and stronger his army will be. To control the army, select a frame of any group of units located near. (Click the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the side to make the frame.) The selected units will become brighter for the selected units, and the cursor will change the shape and become the flag. Clicking the cursor on the terrain or map, we give the team the selected group to move to the place indicated by the cursor with the flag. To reset the flag, click the mouse wheel and the cursor will be the same. Do not worry about shooting. Your army itself will fire at all its targets. But you can additionally shoot at the enemy, selecting any aircraft or tank or a ship or submarine or missile system. To do this, simply click on it 2 times or 1 time click on it with the mouse wheel. By pressing the ASWDQZ, arrow Up / Down and Space keys, you will take control of the unit from the autopilot, and you will manage it yourself. To return control to the autopilot, press Enter. To exit the simulator simply click on the mouse wheel again. The unit will continue to follow its group. You can always give the unit another task. Just select it and click the cursor on the map or on the terrain where it should go.Pressing F1, you get on the screen a list of control keys and their purpose. Since different units are managed differently, the list of keys will be different. Interactive help itself is adjusted to the mode in which the player plays. You can move around the world by clicking on the map or by the ASWDQZ keys. The speed of moving the camera is changed by rotating the mouse wheel.The direction of the camera can be changed by pressing the right mouse button and moving the mouse in any direction with the right mouse button pressed.You can also ride on any unit and you will be there where the unit came.All sea and land units receive repairs automatically next to their base. The aircraft is repaired only after landing. The bases are also self-repairing. If they are not shelled, their health will be restored. Shooting on secondary objects does not do any good. They are helicopters, hangars, lighthouses, guard towers, tents, antennas, sharks. When you aim the sight at useful targets, it becomes green. Useful goals - units of the enemy and his staffs. All useful targets have a green or blue marker. The cursor on hovering on them becomes green. If the cursor turns yellow when the target is pointing, it means that the target is far away. If the cursor turns red, then the target is useless.The game has three difficulty modes. In an easy mode, the enemy does not attack the player's bases at all, but is protected and makes air interception of the player's aircraft.Victory is achieved if all enemy bases are captured and in this state managed to last 180 seconds. For each victory, the player receives a medal and promotion in military rank. For the victory at light levels, sergeant shoulder straps are given. For victory at a difficult level give officer shoulder straps. The maximum rank is a brigadier general. For marksmanship marks are given. For example, a sailor of the 3rd class, a tankman of the 2nd class or a pilot of the first class.


Minimum:OS: Windows XPProcessor: intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHzMemory: 3 GB RAMGraphics: ATI Radeon HD 4650 (1GB)DirectX: Version 9.0cStorage: 800 MB available spaceRecommended:OS: Windows 7Memory: 4 GB RAMDirectX: Version 9.0cStorage: 800 MB available space

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