"Fat, fat, fat …"
"What a rude kid!"
"No, I didn’t say “fat” ."
"Well, then it’s okay…?"
"By the way, what happened to a thing that we talked yesterday?"
”(voice from smartphone)There are signs of a volcanic eruption on the O Island.”
"I guess this place is…"
”I’m sorry to bother you. I’m from the 〇〇 development.”
"Is this about the volcano?"
”Yeah. That island has been uneventful for the past few hundred years. Why now..”
"I didn't expect, too. There were signs of an eruption a long time ago, but I thought it would never happen again. Shall we go to the site and watch it??"
” Please. We'll have to wait and see..”
"How about you?"
"I will go!"
"I will wait at the hotel in case Techno gets caught."
○User Guide
Z : Shot(Decide)
X : Bomb(Cancel)
C : PowerShot
Shift : Laser
Skip conversation
・Hold down shot and bomb in the conversation .
・Used 250 power.
Slow movement while the laser is in use.
Score extension system (maximum 3 times).
*Even if you select full screen, it doesn't work, press Alt+Enter.
○How to Power Up
・When you defeat the item carrier and P items fall.。
・Power up if you keep touching the P item.
○Type of bullets
Some bullets by enemy are destructible and some are not.
Destructible bullets can be destroyed with a shot.
It cannot be destroyed by a laser.
If you are hit in the normal state (default), it will go into a locked state.
Locked state
・Bombs cannot be used.
・Fixed attack level.
・You will lose if you are hit.
・The remaining time until unlock is displayed under the aircraft.
Time to unlock.
・Number of locks x 20 seconds *The last remaining aircraft is always 20 seconds.
・A mistake resets the lock count.
・The remaining time will decrease by touching the P item.
Offer the remaining aircrafts.
・Press the Bomb button while locked for 1 second.
・You will lose one remaining aircraft, but it's unlocked.
○Rank System
In Original mode, a rank system is used.
As your rank goes up, the difficulty level increases.
Move up a rank
・Shoot the PowerShot.
・Cross the halfway point.
・Defeat the item carrier.
・Offer the remaining aircrafts
Move down a rank
・Get hit.
・Shoot the bomb.
How to use
Press the C key when the power is 750 or higher.
1.When you hold down the C key at the end of PowerShot, it continues.
2.PowerShot changes into a score item when it hits enemy.
3.During PowerShot, combo increases with score item acquisition.
4.The combo doesn't decrease during PowerShot.
○Technical Shoot
・The final stage of each boss is a Technical Shoot(with exception).
・This time, there is no penalty for being hit.。
・Technical Shoot Bonus
Time remaining x Rank x Reference point
○Rank Points (important)
Rank at the end of the Technical Shoot is earned as a rank point.
At the end of Stage 5, if your Rank Points exceed the standard, you will enter the EXTRA LAST STAGE.
○How to Get Score
Score Item Calculation Formula : Number of Combos x Rank
* 100 combo or less is 100 points x rank.
Conditions to Continue Combo.
・Defeat the enemy.
・Hit the laser.
・Touch the P item (the number of combos does not increase).
・Get score items during PowerShot.
・The combo is uninterrupted during PowerShot.
Full combo can be available in all stages.
○Guide for this game.
Some of the enemies will leave without destroying them.
Give priority to defeating enemies that are more durable and stay.
Each enemy has a specific type of bullet to shoot.
For example, an enemy that shoots its own aircraft is aiming at its own plane even if the stage changes.
There aren't many types of enemies, so it's easy to memorize them.
○Advance Technique
Extend duration if you continue to touch items during PowerShot (power shot).
Lock > Ranked +0.2 by dedication of remaining aircrafts.


Windows 7/8/10
Core 2 Duo
Corresponding to Shader Model 2.0
Version 10
512 MB available space
Sound Card:
Corresponding to DirectSound

Who are you fighting for? My usual job turns into a big mission. An easy-to-understand system reminiscent of the old barrage STG. Pave the way with powerful PowerShots!
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Languages: English / Spanish - Spain / Vietnamese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese
Developer: Project Anthem
Publisher: Project Anthem
Full controller support
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