The Black Grimoire: Cursebreaker

Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy world in this classic top-down single player adventure RPG. Journey through a seamless open world and progress through dialogue options to uncover the story of Rothar Sunmeadow – the cursed Lord of Mistywoods. Acquire skills and powerful items by defeating enemies of varying types, interact with world objects and NPCs and discover engaging side-stories along the way. As you gain experience, you will be able to perform special attacks with differing weapons and learn a great number of unique spells, which will surely aid you in your fight against your enemies.
Rothar Sunmeadow is the lord of Mistywoods; a rural and peaceful land that rests mostly forgotten in a world otherwise rich with great kings, queens, sorcerers and intrigue. At least, that is the way things used to be. One fateful day Rothar’s path crosses that of a wizard, Gabrius, who is both tremendously powerful and hopelessly questionable of character. As a result, Rothar finds himself caught in a mortal feud between powerful wielders of magic, bound by a curse he desperately needs to break away from. As events unfold, Rothar also comes to discover how his lands have fallen into disrepair while his eyes have been shut. Order must be restored if Rothar is to know peace. And perhaps most importantly, Gabrius needs to be taught the error of his ways.
The spellbook in particular aims to offer a most interesting variety of both combat and non-combat utility. Finding and learning new spells may prove a challenge in itself, and casting more demanding spells will require preparation, such as gathering specific ingredients. Feel free to create your own playstyle by using any combination of ranged and melee weapons and spells!
Alongside combat skills, you will be able to level crafting skills, through which you can acquire powerful artefacts. Although the world offers a ready selection of lootable weapons and armour, the most interesting and powerful items must be crafted by yourself. You may also craft and buy various trinkets and potions, which can be consumed for mighty temporary effects. Such items may be necessary too in the face of the most powerful adversaries. However, beware that crafting the most special gear will require you to find exceptional materials from potentially dangerous and hard-to-reach areas of the open world.
But if you do manage to acquire the most powerful items, take care to protect them! There is no manual save/load system in The Black Grimoire, and while the character you play is undying, it is entirely possible to leave your items behind in a tight spot if you are ambushed by too many strong enemies. If you choose to go exploring the more remote areas and dungeons and you are unsure of what you may be walking into, it may be prudent to leave exceptional items behind in a safe stash. You may also take comfort in that ultimately no item is irreplaceable or irretrievable.
Level any of the 11 skills you deem most important to your playstyle. The skills are separated into combat, gathering and crafting skills; for instance, you will gain experience in archery the more you fire arrows at your enemies, whereas collecting metals and precious minerals with the trusty pickaxe will improve the mining skill, and forging them into weapons and armour will make you a better blacksmith.
Ultimately The Black Grimoire is meant as an adventure, where you can explore and discover the world, its places, characters and stories by yourself. You will start your journey at a low point, but if you keep your eyes open and your wits about you, the opportunities to seize power will surely present themselves. As you find ways to increase the power of the main character, you might just help him to break free of his curse and restore order to his beloved Mistywoods. Welcome to the world of The Black Grimoire!


Windows 7
2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
GeForce GTX 550 or better
4 GB available space

Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy world in this classic top-down single player adventure RPG. Journey through a seamless open world and progress through dialogue options to uncover the story of Rothar Sunmeadow – the cursed Lord of Mistywoods.
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Languages: English
Developer: The Black Grimoire
Publisher: The Black Grimoire
The Black Grimoire: Cursebreaker
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