The Cold War Era 2

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About the game
There can only be one victory, and it all depends on your skill. Who will win? Us or them? Fight your war on earth, in the sky, and in the offices of the Kremlin and the White House for the promotion of your ideology. The prestige of a power depends only on the best qualities of your character - arrogance, deceit, cunning, guile, the ability to take risks and the thirst for power over the world! Do you deserve to be inscribed in the history of the twentieth century? Will your name be in the history books of the Cold War victory?
Main features :
Total war of ideology
Every citizen on the planet supports some kind of ideology. We must force the people of the world to support our ideology by force of arms, political influence, or prestige of our country. It is the only correct one and brings prosperity to the world. Through propaganda, politics, and diplomacy, we will help them think correctly. Those who continue to dissent will be destroyed by the power of our modern weapons, the best and most effective in the world!
Military unit constructor
Under your command are the best design centers of our power and production. Each military unit has different systems. Improve weapons, engines, armor, radars, countermeasures, stealth, and much more, so that the enemy does not have a chance to win on the battlefield. Improve various military systems and build your own units from these systems. Create your own unique unit that will make the world admire its excellence, and make your enemies shake to their core!
Economy and social development
The world should envy and admire our economic muscle and the level of social development for our happiest citizens on the planet. But to do this, we need to work and completely clear our country of corruption, inflation, and reduce the influence of radical groups. Use the ministers and their influence in the parliament to develop our country in the only right direction.
Political development
The adoption of laws in parliament determines the development of our country for decades to come. Every law can have irreparable consequences. Therefore, the parliament always has a heated discussion of different political ideas and trends for its laws. If the laws are too reformist then a coalition of opposition will gather in Parliament to pass such strong laws. Under your leadership ministers can influence parliament to pass laws that will allow our country to continue to be the most attractive country in the world. Our embassies abroad will do everything possible to influence the parliaments of other states and force them to join our ideological alliance!
Additional game features :
- 3D map of the world with more than 70 regions on the planet. Each region is individual and has a huge number of indicators - its GDP, army and Navy, leader, Parliament, radical groups, and more.
- a large number of Embassy missions to help regions or Vice versa, change their regimes through military intervention or revolution.
- real historical global consequences that will irreparably happen, and only depends on the experience of Ministers if they happen in our favor or against us.
- in the budget, we have the opportunity to develop the national or private economy. At the expense of the national economy, we can build much cheaper, but the private economy has its own annual growth without government intervention. The national (planned) economy is growing solely at the expense of public administration.
- participation in proxy wars, where you can transfer your units to certain state regimes or Vice versa, to radical groups during a civil war, or to a revolution. You can initiate your own interventions and if there are military bases in the region, then openly provide your military assistance for the sake of dominating the regions.
- the war is divided into military phases, in which you need to overcome certain phases to start a fight in the next. Winning in battle is possible only from the military qualities of units and their number on the battlefield. The unit Builder allows you to build your own military units, the qualities of which need to be developed to win battles and pass military phases.
- Players control game elements such as their political influence, national and private economy, embassy missions, prestige, national monetary fund (savings), political parties, leaders, ministers, parliament and elections, laws, unit designer and systems for all types and branches of the military, corruption, inflation, science, social development for all regions, intervention and revolution, radicals, military morals, military bases and Maritime zones, elections, historical events and much more
- For players who would like to focus only on a specific gameplay, the game allows you to enable AI mode, in which the game will independently take care of different parts of the game's micromanagement for the player. AI
auto mode is available in economy, diplomacy, military management, and unit Builder.
Bored while waiting? Please support our developing by playing The Cold War Era! -


512 MB RAM
128 MB
Version 9.0
1 GB available space

The Cold War Era 2 is a PC strategy game based on the historical conflict between the USA and the USSR. You are able to take control of one of two superpowers and lead your country to victory in ideological combat and war.
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Languages: English
Developer: Alina Digital
Publisher: Alina Digital
The Cold War Era 2
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