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The Last Bug Description
The Last Bug is a Turn-Based Battle Royale game. Among the crazy battle arena of bugs, the players can use weapons to brutalize poor enemies, bluff other players to turn the situation around, or just to mess with them.
In the backyard of an abandoned house, the bug colony has decided that it’s time to select a leader. They organized the competition in the crazy battle arena to find the last bug standing. After the news, the bugs all over the universe have signed up for the fight, they believe that this challenge will make their dream come true.
The player takes the role as one of the bugs from across the universe sign up for the competition with different background stories, goals, and abilities. Unlock costumes and customize the character’s ability and equipment to match with play style. Play with friends, compete with strangers, and face challenges that lie ahead.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated and will mean a lot to us!
Hi there!
As you might have been aware, The Last Bug will soon enter its Early Access Phase...
We would like to thank everyone for being a part of this world, helping us shape and polish this game into a fine diamond it is! With all of your help!
What are the changes? Let’s see!
Game Mechanic Adjustment
At the very start of its development, The Last Bug has a set of actions that you must do in order every turn: Break Block, then Use Something, then Move. The majority of the feedback agreed that doing all three actions in one turn (!) is too tedious and takes considerable time. We then changed the mechanic a bit, cutting the actions the players have to do in their turn down to just Use something and Move.
This accomplishes our goal of making the game faster paced. However, many of the testers (and us, the developers) missed the fun of using Break Block action. Namely, what is on that block? A random item drop or an unlucky opponent?
So, in this version, Break Block has returned as an Action Item!
Permanent Items
With this version, Shovel and Supply are now your two permanent items (think of it as two items with no cost and infinite uses, provided to you for your convenience).
Our game designers intend to encourage different strategies and playstyles. If you like to use Action Items, then grab your trusty Shovel and dig up some goods. If you prefer using your champion’s abilities, take a swig from your Supply for some extra energy (which we have also buffed its number!).
Obtaining an Action Item
Previously, once your turn started, your champion would dig the block they were on, searching for an item. Not anymore! Now you can use Shovel to dig up a nearby block for an item (and if you are lucky, you may find a bonus, too!).
Apart from digging with Shovel, once in a while an Airdrop loot would land on a block. You can jump on it (or destroy it, whatever is more convenient) for a sweet, sweet item. Oh, you can also purchase a Pocket Item! It will be delivered somewhere near you in the battle. Don’t forget to pick that up, too!
Obtaining Energy Point
Since Break Block is no longer an action, you will not gain free energy at the start of your turn anymore. We decided to compensate for this loss by increasing the amount of Energy gained from using Supply. But what if you prefer digging over drinking? Fret not! By digging and moving around the field, you may find the likes of Moon Flower, Sweet Candy, or Honey, all of which grants you that precious extra energy you will be spending blasting off an opponent in no time.
To top it off, capturing a flag also nets you some Energy as a reward!
Improved Tutorial
Now that the mechanic is adjusted, we also need to rework the game’s tutorial to reflect the changes. Since working on it is a must, we decided to throw a revamp into it as well and made a timely relocation of our training ground to Yippo’s neighborhood. Picturesque, no?
We also made some changes to our tutorial illustrations, so that it is easier to understand and also (as we would like to eagerly and proudly present) much cuter!
Game Lobby Renovation
We have recruited some worker insects to renovate the lobby area. On these prized, esteemed bottle caps, your champion will stand tall, trying to look all tough, (figuratively) lit up, and ready to enter the fray!
You can invite your friend to join the fun! Click the insect icon on the lower left of the screen (just over the chat icon) to browse your friend list. If they are online and available, press Invite to send them a request to join you in an upcoming match!
Mission And Goals
It is good to have a set of targets to challenge yourself, forcing you to adapt to a new strategy, and giving you that rush when they are fulfilled. Well, we do have those in the form of Daily Mission and Goals. They actually have been in the game for quite a while, but are lacking in number and without good icons. With many works that have been done since then, let’s just say they are properly introduced in this version.
Daily Mission
There will be three random missions for you every day. These challenges are not too easy, but not too hard either. Flex your brain, adapt your strategy, and finish these daily missions for rewards!
If Daily Missions are considered a short-term target, then Goals are long-term ones. Every small success counts, so don’t give up! Accumulate their numbers and claim prizes for your hard work!
Oh, one more thing. Our bots have been vastly improved! After much mockery, being called pathetic spineless idiots, they are now HARDER to defeat, BETTER at making decisions, FASTER at correcting their mistakes, and overall STRONGER as an opponent! Watch out, for these bots truly came to slay.
Pick up your Shovel, grab your Supply, and head into the tall grass! We hope that you will be having fun with our games, whether with our HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER bots or with your friends! If you have feedback, bug reports, or suggestions, feel free to send us messages through these provided platforms.
See you again in Early Access, (hopefully) not too long from now on!
Thank you so much, everyone!


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 7
2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar
500 MB RAM
GeForce GTX 500 series or similar
Version 11
Broadband Internet connection
620 MB available space
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
64-bit operating system is required
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 10
Intel Core i5 2.6GHz or similar
1000 MB RAM
GeForce GTX 700 series or similar
Version 11
Broadband Internet connection
1000 MB available space
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
64-bit operating system is required

The Last Bug is a Turn Based Battle Royale game. Among the crazy battle arena of bugs, the players can use weapons to brutalize poor enemies, bluff other players to turn situation around or just to mess with them.
Steam score: 100%
Languages: English
Developer: 1Moby Studio
Publisher: 1Moby Studio
Online Co-op
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The Last Bug
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