The Parallax Effect

You are currently being held in one of the few remaining habitation modules off the coast of Chimera, a landmass entirely unknown to you. You remember nothing, you know little of yourself or what you have been through. In the time that has passed whilst being held captive at this facility, you have been heavily sedated to preserve your health for your ultimate task is yet to come...
Biological warfare was imminent as August 4th, 2029 otherwise now termed as "doomsday" occurred. Tired of humanity's wasteful and damaging nature, The Parallax Organisation (TPO) took matters into their own hands creating and releasing a devastating nerve agent, now scientifically classified as the EK292 virus. This toxin was designed to be utilised as a sort of euthenasia tool which would be issued to all current and future convicts occupying space in the already overcrowded prisons around the world. The world didn't take to it lightly and many rebelled against the choice to take such an approach to "cleansing" the world and lowering the global population. Soon, the virus mutated unexpectedly multiple times in extremely quick succession leaving The Parallax Organisation to cleanup the mess they themselves had created. However, it was too late, once the virus escaped containment at several facilities around the globe, 99.95% of the entire world's population were wiped out in less than a year...
As nature would have it, there were some survivors, those who had a natural immunity to the virus who exhibited no side effects of it's horrific capabilities. These few hundred survivors of what soon became termed as "The Parallax Effect" were quickly rounded up and forcefully detained to be used as test subjects for developing a vaccine to counter the already devastating effects of the virus. That's where you came in. As one of these remaining few, you had no choice but to comply with orders or face immediate termination. You chose to comply...
As the beginning of the experimental trials commenced, the remainder of the world was left unknown as to what the goings on were at these secretive Parallax Organisation habitation modules located off the coasts of various different countries. Rumour had it that they were using humans to test survival in a world following The Parallax Effect, what they didn't tell us was what they were surviving against out there. Many scientists aboard the various HAB modules proceeded to go missing once venturing outside of their HAB facility. All known subjects who were sent out into the wilderness to survive never returned, in fact they were never seen again. The only evidence anything was surviving out there were freakish screams and demonic roars of horror you could hear in the darkness after nightfall. One doctor, the lead doctor in charge of controlling The Parallax Effect, took it upon himself to venture out and find the source of these bone-chilling sounds. He said he would leave a trail of written notes on his path from HAB module 1 where he was currently working at and told anyone who would attempt to find him, should he not return, that they must follow his trail no matter where it leads. Weeks passed and no sign of the doctor. With him missing things began to get well out of hand as experiments contained at the HAB module began to show signs of deteriorating. Many of the subjects who were once immune to the virus lost immunity due to several, further unknown mutations. The decision was made to seal the HAB module and store the remaining few humans in cryostasis. You were one of the lucky few who had not yet been experimented on. You were returned to laboratory block B and that is where you remain to this day...
A malfunction in the cryostasis regulator system has caused all chambers in HAB module 1 to open. As you awaken from your sleep of unknown length, you are presented with a lost world reclaimed by nature and a man-made evil which lurks the sprawling wilderness of Chimera. Face your fears and attempt to survive the decimation of mankind as best you can. What happens next is entirely up to you...
Presented with a world to discover and a dark story to unravel it's now your turn to make your mark on a long lost civilisation. The choices you make from here on out will affect your life as a survivor of The Parallax Effect. With a future unknown, use what you have at your disposal to not only survive, but thrive. Make use of the remnants of civilisation including many abandoned towns and even military installations located within the vast expanse of Chimera and arm yourself with the power to fend off anything that stands in your way...
You may want to take a look at some of the tasks you can get started with in your survival...
Scavenge what you can from the remnants of humanity
Find or even build weaponry to fend off the terrors of both day and night
Equip yourself with gear to conduct long-range exploration, even underwater
Craft items to assist your survival in this harsh new world such as camping equipment and armour
Follow the path of the estranged Dr. R from HAB module 1 by collecting his notes to uncover the true origin of The Parallax Effect
Explore several unique locations around a massive 5x5km map.
Survive together with up to 10 players on a multiplayer server or take sides and fight for supremacy over the new world
Build bases and defend loot you have scavenged from either AI raiders or more deadly fellow survivors
Construct basic and advanced storage units to stash your valuables away in
Upgrade your weaponry with nifty attachments to take down your foes
There are currently 20 in-game achievements to unlock by progressing through your survival
Keep starvation and dehydration at bay along with your immunity to the virus and your overall health
Search for a vehicle to transport yourself and friends around the map at speed
Survive the horrors of the night that haunt the forests of Chimera
Can you survive the effect?


Windows 7 32-bit
Core i3 2.4 Ghz
Nvidia GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7870 (At least 2GB of dedicated VRAM)
Version 12
5 GB available space
Additional Notes:
If your PC is a potato you might have a few issues... Don't blame me!
Windows 10 64-bit
Core i5 2.8 Ghz
Nvidia GTX 970/AMD Radeon 7950 (3GB of dedicated VRAM or more)
Version 12
Broadband Internet connection
7 GB available space
Additional Notes:
If you have all of the above you should be good-to-go!

You're a survivor of "The Parallax Effect". A government run project which took a dark, unforeseen turn for the worst several years ago. You are now left with no memory and seemingly lost in an abandoned world reclaimed by nature, but you might not be alone...
Steam score: 47%
Languages: English
Developer: Danstarr13
Publisher: Danstarr13
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The Parallax Effect
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