The Quest Giver

What is The Quest Giver?
The Quest Giver is all about quest giving; a game that wants to show how much effort it is to create and assign quests, and what (presumably) happens in the life of a guild owner which commonly gets overshadowed by the fame and glory of the heroes whose names will be remembered forever. We thought it was time to let you see things from the perspective of the forgotten: The man (or woman) who made all the tales of great adventure possible in the first place! Of course you won’t be just standing around waiting for adventurers to arrive. You will be managing your own adventurer’s hub as the quest giver in this quest giving simulation.
How does that work?
The Quest Giver is a 2D fantasy management game and works much like a point and click game. You click on objects to interact with them or to switch menus or scenes. Most of the actions you can do cost you AP (action points). You have a set amount of AP per (ingame) day that you can spend freely. You can end the day, or your turn, whenever you like. In this regard the game is also somewhat turn-based.
Core Features
innovative gameplay
randomized worldmap, heroes, shop items and more
3 different story lines
25+ different adventurer classes
detailed fantasy world with a lot of lore
charming artstyle
a humorous and parodistic take on the fantasy genre
high replayability]
About future ideas
The game offers a ton of possibilities to expand its mechanics and content. We already have an ocean full of ideas we’d like to create, so we made a "battle plan": We will first release the core package of the game, which will include all the mechanics we mentioned here (+ some more).
Everything that comes afterwards is separated into two categories:
1. Mechanical updates, including new features and options
2. Content updates, including new heroes, areas, or new rooms
We will implement all mechanical implementations as free game updates. Why? Because we think of them as as steps to completion. The game experience will only be complete for us, once we added all our ideas.
We only want to make the game better, not more expensive. Whereas the content updates are more of a luxury, that aren't necessary to play the game, but additionally extend the experience.


Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or faster
Any 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio

The Quest Giver“ is a 2D Fantasy guild manager simulation, in which you create your own quests, and then send adventurers out to do them. Experience how much effort it is to create and assign quests, gather the knowledge you need, and to make the decisions adventurers won't.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English / French / German
Publisher: rest.less Games
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