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Fantasy turn based strategy game in an unique nature theme. Core Features: Combo system, campaign, tabletop like drafting, arena, rankings, unique skills and maps. Lots of rewards and game elements to discover.
Early Access & Single Indie developer disclaimer
Hey everyone I just wanted to take the chance to say some words. I am a single indie developer and put a lot of work into Timbertales. I know there is a lack of quality in some images or layouts. I wished I could have done better, but after one year of development I had to go live somehow. I am very interested in your true opinion and feedback and appreciate it a lot, but please don't be too harsh (I have some feelings left :)).
It is possible to adjust a lot of things and I would do it of course, if there is enough concern about Timbertales.
I am an one man army Indie - Developer and proudly present you: Timbertales.
Timbertales is a fantasy turn based hex strategy game. I wanted to create a game, which has the feeling of classical games like Battle Isle, Battle of wesnoth or Jagged Alliance, but with a very unique nature theme and challenging content. In Timbertales you will first have to draft an army before you can start a match. Unlike other turn based strategy games: You will not have to produce units in game. Its more based on a table top strategy game approach, where you have to build up an army with a specific point limit before the match starts. While processing through the game you will be able to unlock more units, which can be used in drafting.
In game we have a classic hex tiled map in an isometric view. You will have to move your units around the map and clear out different map objectives to be victorious. Every attack is handled instantly: You will see the results as fast as possible and you are able to plan your next steps immediately.
Many units provide very special abilities: You have the choice for just normal attacking or using very special abilities, like healing, cursing or heavy attacks.
There will be very unique game modes for solo playing and multiplayer. Let me introduce the features more detailed:
There are different races: Vermin and sylvans. Each race consists of multiple units, which are very unique in look and feel. Some units will also provide some special skills and behaviours.
A story mode for every race in game. Every campaign contains of multiple missions. You will be able to earn many rewards, which are very useable in the other game modes.
Enjoy the exciting story of Timbertales
Innovative mission objectives and challenges
Master all missions, special achievements
Explore the content and unlock new characters and treasures
Very unique game mode, draft an army of limited options and climb up a special ranking! You will have to defeat an AI opponent with an increasing skill level. With each win your challenge level will be raised and the opponent will get even stronger as your rewards will!
Unique game mode, draft an army of limited options and climb a special ranking!
Increase your chance of epic rewards with each victory
Special ranking
You can compete with your individual drafted army composition against other players. There is a special ranking for ranked games based on an competitive rating.
Compete with other players in epic multiplayer battles
Create an individual army
Gain experience and improve your army
Mess yourself with other players in the ranking mode
A special challenging game mode. Create an army with limited options and crush your enemies. As soon as you lost 3 times with your army the arena ends and you will receive rewards for your progress.
A special challenging game mode to compete with real players
Draft an army with limited options and crush your enemies
Army creation
Create your own army, as it is known from Tabletop games
Unlock new characters and rewards to improve your army
You can also unlock portraits for your account and showcase them.
A defeated Unit has a special drop chance of an unique type of a sphere. There are heal spheres which can heal your units, critical strike spheres which increases the critical strike chance for several rounds and acorn point sphere which increases your acorn points. Acorn points are the in game currency to unlock features.
Several rankings will show your progress through different game modes. There will be lists for arena, challenge and ranked mode.
In challenge and multiplayer mode there will be special maps to play on. These maps provide special optional map objectives. If those objectives are completed different events can happen and will grant you an advantage.
The combat system is based on the system which is used in "Starcraft". This means we have different unit types and different attack types. The unit types are small, medium and large. The attack types are normal, piercing and breaking. If two types clashes each other the types are used to calculate the critical hit chance for the unit for example if a normal attack type is fighting against any armor type he will always have the standard 10% critical strike hit chance. But if an piercing attack type is fighting vs. a small armor type he will receive a 100% bonus which means he has a critical hit chance of 20%. Critical hits will be displayed with a bigger yellow number while normal hits are shown in white color.
For more informations please visit Twitter / Facebook and my website :)
I am looking forward for your support, feedback and comments.


1 Ghz 32 Bit oder 64 Bit
Grafikkarte mit Pixel Shader 2.0 und Vertex Shader 2.0 (Vertex Shader kann auch per Softwareemulation unterstützt werden)
400 MB available space
1+ GHz 32 Bit oder 64 Bit
Grafikkarte der letzten vier Jahre (Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0)
400 MB available space

On this Indie Turn-Based strategy you can fight with two complete different races. Prepare yourself for war in the forests. How do you command your units and use their special abilities to secure the peace?
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Publisher: Rainware
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