UFO Online: Fight for Earth
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They said they came in peace... 

But since the aliens have landed, earth is descending into chaos. The scums destroy whole landscapes, stripping our planet of resources and enslaving mankind. In the meantime three opposed human factions are using the chaos to continue their own struggle for global dominance. In UFO Online you as the leader of a resistance group can interfere and change the planet’s fate. Build your underground base, recruit experts for your strike force, battle aliens and humans alike and conquer important territories for your faction. The future is in your hands! 


Turn-based combat against computer-controlled enemies (PvE) as well as real players (PvP).

Craft and enhance the best weapons and armors you've ever seen.

Build and develop your own hidden military base.

Fight for world domination with your faction on a dynamic world map.

5 different Character Classes 

You can recruit members from five different classes to create your own Squad. The Rifleman, Tank, Scout, Sniper and Medic all got different stats, skills and weaponry. Each class has a unique type of play style which you have to solve to be as effective as possible. 

Turn-Based Fights 

To solve the turn-based missions you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies and own troopers. In every match you must plan your steps, make use of the environments and counter enemy tactics. 

Player vs. AI 

Complete over 60 missions and defeat eight widely different types of enemies. Each of them can only be outplayed by knowing his behavior and tactics. Some enemies cooperate with each other to lead you into traps and ambushes. 

Player vs. Player 

Fight on 10 specifically designed maps against human enemies. Each map supports different strategies and tactics, giving you high rewards and allowing your faction to capture additional territories!

Player Factions 

Join one of three factions which try to control the world. Each of them has its own headquarter placed on the world-map and its own chat channel. Faction members need to cooperate to gain the world-domination. 

World map 

The world map consists of 76 regions, each being controlled by only one faction. PvP-Matches stretch the three factions’ borders across the globe while Alien-attacks will influence the war in unexpected ways. 

World Domination 

By controlling more than 40% of the world, one faction will gain the world domination bonus in form of a diamond mine that produces premium currency. 


Band together in alliances (similar to clans/guilds), gain access to special alliance boosts and challenge others in the alliance ranking.

Item production and modification 

In UFO Online you can collect crafting recipes in missions and by use of research including blueprints for weapons, armor and item improvements. Find crafting resources and produce the strongest items in the war! 

Alien weapon identification 

In some missions you can pick up rare alien artifacts which back in your base could reveal powerful weapons that allow for special tactics. 

Research tree 

The research computer can unlock new room levels, crafting recipes and unique special abilities for each soldier class. These abilities will expand your combat options and allow you to overtake your enemies. 

Skill training 

Improve the power of your team members and enhance attributes like hit chance, weapon damage or armor quality after each level up. Each soldier class has other specializations to open up new tactical opportunities. 

Room extension 

In the base you can expand different rooms depending on your own playing style. Improve soldier related processes like repair and healing durations, your crafting chances, research progress or inventory space. 



OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3

Processor: Dual Core Processor

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 Class Card

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Developer: Funatics Software
Publisher: IME
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