Wall Ball for Kinect

Play ball in the park, using Kinect for Xbox One with Windows
• This application requires the Kinect for Xbox One sensor and a Kinect Adapter for Windows.
• Make sure your system is compatible with the Kinect for Xbox One sensor with the Kinect Configuration Verifier tool, available in the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.0 at https://dev.windows.com/en-us/kinect
NOTE! Driver Update needed if Kinect doesn't turn on with the games. Make sure you have the following installed:
Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.2.1905 and
Microsoft.WindowsPreview.Kinect.8.1 2.2.1905.16001 (install both the Win32.appx and x64.appx).
See full information and help here: http://www.mixxusstudio.com/game-production/kinect-games/kinectdriverhelp
or here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/82fa02b6-ef1e-4fb5-9821-87c4fea99fdb/update-to-address-win-81-apps-on-win-10-1809?forum=kinectv2sdk
Take a break and go to the park and play football (or Soccer ball) against a wall and try to hit some extra items that pop up from time to time.
This is something that many of us did as kids, kicking a ball endlessly or for a few minutes. It's also a great way for grownups to clear one's mind, or get into that trance or meditative state when thoughts can ramble around as they want.
You can play Wall Ball in standard mode, with a pretty fast ball, or in easy mode with a rather large and slower moving ball, or you can even play in seated mode, suitable for people with some physical impairment or if you just feel very tired.
Before starting the game, Make sure you have the Kinect camera (sensor) properly installed on your computer. Follow instructions from Microsoft website to install Kinect and the necessary SDK software http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44561
To use Kinect for Xbox One on your computer, you need the Kinect Adapter for Windows. After installation of the Kinect software you should be able to see the Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 in your app menu.
Find a good spot to play where the Kinect camera can view you from head to feet. You can easily check this with the software that follows with the installation of the Kinect SDK software. You can for instance run Kinect Studio v2.0 (under Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0) to view yourself in front of the Kinect.
If everything looks ok, then you can start the Wall Ball game.
It can be recommended to connect your computer to a larger monitor or TV screen (using a HDMI cable) to improve the "feel" of the game and making it easier to see.

Free the space around you to not hurt yourself or to break any furniture. (Think about arms could be waving upwards too.)

If children are playing they should be supervised and instructed by parents to not hurt themselves bumping into furniture.

If other people are present in the room, make sure they are not in front of the camera and that they are at a safe distance from you bumping in to them.

If you experience problem with balance, consider sitting down when playing.
Before you start, make sure Kinect is properly installed and you have tested a good spot for playing where the Kinect sensor can "read" you properly, see above under "Technical stuff". If you have two graphic cards on your system, run the game with the better card otherwise it can affect Kinect/game performance. (For example, if you have a nvidia card you can manage this in nvidia control panel, manage 3D settings.)
Start the game by pressing the Wall Ball icon.
From the Main Menu (start screen), choose one of the three game variants Standard or Easy version or if you would like to sit down and play, choose Seated mode. The ball is somewhat larger and slower in Easy and Seated mode.
With the Toggle Show Settings (down at the right corner), you can adjust for your camera's placement above the floor. It is recommended to fine tune this. If the camera height setting are too low, you will feel like your feet are really heavy and won't lift properly. If it's to high, your feet will float in the air. The camera height slider correspond to the Kinect sensor's placement above the floor, however if it is tilted, you may have to adjust the slider more.
Stand in front of the Kinect camera, let the camera know you're there by moving slightly. When camera has found you, start kicking.
Kick the ball by using your right or left foot. When aiming, remember this is virtual reality so aim in a real world scale, not just in a small tv screen scale, that is, play like you were in the park yourself facing a large wall about 4 meters in front of you.
If the ball touches the area right behind you (an area as wide as the yellow area you're standing on) you will lose one ball.
To prevent the ball from hitting this area, you can stop the ball with your "body", shown as a silhouette, or just use your feet. You can slide from side to side inside the yellow area and crunch (you can't really move forward or backward, only as far as your legs can reach).
If you have lost all of your five balls, the game will end and you can choose to save, restart or exit. You choose between alternatives by putting your foot in one of the boxes, in this way you can restart instantly if you would like without the need to reach for the computer. You can also click on the signs with the mouse. From the Start screen, you can click on Result Menu where you can view your results.
Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/qFTv-q2cccg
PDF tutorial: http://www.mixxusstudio.com/game-production/kinect-games

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Wall Ball for Kinect
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