War Ender Evolution
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I am appreciated that you are willing to play .
This game is set in a near future, when you are one of the defense force belong to the Earth, and you have to defend the Earth from the alien invasion.
Hope you can play the game again and again, and try to memorize how enemies act to progress the game. Then enjoy the game.
At first I only thought about making the game. Then I push this game go through multiple updates. Finally it becomes this game, and it has been totally different from the original game.
This game tends to make the feeling of arcade bullet hell game. This game is relatively faster, but the bullet pattern is not that hard.
Good luck fighting.
How to play:
Move: UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT ARROW for basic movement.
Shoot: Hold Z to shoot both primary and secondary weapons continuously.
Style: When Energy is larger than 5.0, Press X.
Move: DPAD or Left Joystick
Shoot: Hold A or Cross.
Style: When Energy is larger than 5.0, Press B or Circle.
To change resolution, in default screen when the game just loaded up. Keyboard user can press 7, 8, 9, 0 to change resolution. Controller user can press L1, R1, left joystick, right joystick to change resolution.
Note that larger resolution will make the game distorted, and smaller resolution may leak some details.
In selection screen, keyboard user can press 2 to change difficulty, while controller user can press A or Cross to do so.
Every restart will set difficulty back to its default, casual.
Game Mechanic:
Score Multiplier: multiply the score that a player gets in real-time. The score multiplier will increase by destroying enemies or using style mechanics (which will be explained in Energy part). The multiplier will drop in a speed of 0.02 per frame after 0.8s of the destruction of an enemy. Each kill will refresh that 0.8s. Multiplier can also be acquired by grazing enemy bullets, however, graze does not refresh that drop delay. Each 5.00 multiplier will increase rank by 1.
The score multiplier is shown on the top left of the game window.
Energy: Destroying enemies to get energy. More dangerous enemy will give more energy. Energy can also be acquired by grazing enemy bullets. Style activation will consume 5.0 energy. The player will be invincible in this 5 seconds if uses Shield style. When player has a shield, catching bullets can increase the multiplier. Each bullet for 0.32 multiplier and it can hold the dropping of multiplier. Even the shield after taking hits has this effect. The fire power of player will be 1.5 times higher in this 5 seconds if uses Hyper style. Destroy enemies during hyper gives more than triple the multiplier gotten from enemies' destructions. Boss will give less.
Energy is shown on the right bottom of the game window.
Rank: Higher rank means more difficult. Each rank will increase enemies' bullet speed. The lowest rank player can get is 0. The highest rank player can get is 50. In higher difficulty settings, when rank reach a certain value, enemies will be enhanced. Each style activation will increase rank by 3, and this style rank can be doubled with Hyper. If hit by enemy, the rank gotten from style will reset to 0.
Rank is shown on the up middle of the game window.
Rank = (multiplier / 5.0) + style rank
Score = score for destroying enemy * multiplier * difficulty multiplier.
Current score is shown on the up left side of the game window.
Local high score is shown on the up right side of the game window.
Player's Weaponary:
Type 1:
Slower speed, and potentially higher damage against swarms.
Classic design.
Type 2:
Higher speed, and potentially higher damage against the boss.
Can change fire angle when hold up / down while not firing.
Type 3:
Medium speed with high flexible fire angle
Can change fire angle when hold left / right.


Windows 10
Any 4-core CPU
Intel HD Graphics
100 MB available space

Languages: English
Developer: Crystal Heart's Studio
Publisher: Crystal Heart's Studio
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