Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2: Retribution: Last Stand Alone DLC Complete Pack DLC
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Revamp your heroes and find new ways to play and compete in The Last Stand with these new Wargear pieces. Space Marine Captain Inscribed Combat Shield (One handed weapon) The inscribed combat shield counts as a one handed weapon that takes the slot of a pistol. It doesn’t provide any damage but increases the health and armor of the Captain. On top of this it provides a trait called Shield Block that reduces incoming ranged damage. Sacred Relic Armor (Armor) The Sacred Relic armor has low-to-medium armor rating but provides the Space Marine with a lot more melee offense. After all, the best defense is to just kill your opponent before he attacks you. It grants two traits which are Crushing Blows and Melee Expert. Crushing Blows causes any melee attack from the Space Marine to do area of effect damage, and Melee Expert bumps his melee damage by 15%. Eldar Farseer Debilitating Witchblade (One handed weapon) This witchblade is meant to be a tank weapon, if you are familiar with MMORPG terms. If you aren’t, that means she can go toe to toe with the biggest creatures in Last Stand using this sword, but you trade off damage. The sword has two traits: Sap and Energy Leach. Sap reduces the melee damage of anything hit in melee by 50% for 5 seconds. Energy Leach will increase the Farseer’s energy every time she kills something in melee. Idranel’s Armor (Armor) This armor is named after the infamous Farseer from the Dawn of War II campaign. It is another piece designed to improve the Farseer’s chances in melee and her durability in general. It will increase her total health and give her the traits Unshakable and Foresight. Foresight reduces incoming melee damage. If only Idranel could have seen that uppercut coming from Tarkus. Ork Mekboy Juiced Up Tellyporta (Accessory) This Orky teleporter add-on causes a bit of added destruction. It grants a trait called Ported!! What Ported!! does is cause anything teleported by the Mekboy to explode, including himself. This works in conjunction with the Zzap Knife, the Teleporta Pack and the Mad Teleporta Pack. Pokkit Rokkit Launcha (One handed weapon) The Pokkit Rokkit Launcha is a much cuter version of the Rokkit Launcha. It is one handed and counts as a pistol. Because it only fire one rocket, it isn’t nearly as powerful as the two handed version but it does provide some knockback for a melee oriented Mek Imperial Guard Lord General Ursidae Trophy (Accessory) This inspiring mantle grants two traits. The first is Inspired Will which increases the health of all of the General’s infantry. The second is Superior Provisions which drastically increases the health of the General’s turrets. Pretty simple but effective and it looks badass. Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun (Two handed weapon) So of course if we give the General a bear pelt we have to give him the gun he used to shoot said bear. This shotgun allows the general to carve through mobs of infantry with its AOE attack a little easier than some of his other weapons. It also comes with a Solid Slug ability which will do high single target damage for those pesky Wraithlords and Warbosses. Hive Tyrant Thornback Carapace (Armor) Not to be confused with Thornback, the Thornback Carapace is a very durable armor piece that is covered in blades. Every time an enemy attacks the Hive Tyrant in melee they take damage. Devourer Cannon The Devourer Cannon is a unique ranged weapon. It fires a parasite at the enemy which will cause damage over time to their entire squad. To maximize the effect, the Tyranid player should try to attack multiple squads in order to inflict the most amount of damage. Chaos Sorcerer Rubric Touched Helm (Accessory) This accessory has a single trait assigned to it called Dark Fortification. When the Sorcerer is struck in melee he gains 150 armor rating for 10 seconds. As long as he moves from melee combat to melee combat he will be extremely resistant to both melee and ranged damage. Oracle Stave (Two handed weapon) This bad boy is one of my favourites. Its damage output isn’t particularly fantastic but it has a chance to trigger a trait called Fate Weaver. Fate Weaver charges up the weapon to ridiculous proportions causing the Sorcerer’s next melee attack to do incredible single target damage, and significant area of effect damage around the attack. This way you can engage chaff and get your armor and damage up, move over to a high priority target and unleash the pain.


Requires the original Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution to play.

Languages: Steamworks
Developer: Relic Entertainment
Publisher: SEGA
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