Warlords.IO is a
Class-Based Top-Down Shooter
elements that features
4 Player Split-Screen
Cross-Platform Multiplayer
in several competitive multiplayer modes and a cooperative Survival mode!
Cross-Play with our Match ID System!
Players can easily join a friends game on any system with our unique MatchID system that creates an easy read and share Match ID for players to share with their friends, or stream viewers! Players can go to the Join a Friend menu from the main menu and join their friends match any time on any platform*
4 Player Split-Screen Multiplayer Online and Locally!
You and 3 other friends can easily play together in every mode with 4 player split-screen in both online matchmaking and local/LAN hosted matches! Simply connect 4 "Xbox" style controllers, press start, and go to war!
4 Playable Classes at Launch
Players have access to 4 unique classes that feature their own primary weapons and abilities to choose from! More classes will be added post launch as well!
Versus Game Modes:
A true standard deathmatch mode. Everyone for themselves
Team Deathmatch:
Grab some friends for a 8v8 fight on large-scale maps
King of the Ring:
The premier competitive mode Warlords.IO, a team-based objective mode where players only score points by holding the hill in the center of the map and must balance between leveling their character and holding the hill
Cage Fight:
1v1 me bro! Right here, right now! Small maps, 90 second rounds, may the better Warlord win
Survival is an
Endless defense mode
where up to
8 players
work together to defend 1 or more bases from endless waves of enemies that continuously grow in strength and numbers. Players can build a number of
to defend the base with (including turrets, barricades, trip mines, and healing stations!) by collecting money dropped by enemy units. Survival also features a Boss wave every 5 rounds that can easily end your teams run.
Survival also features community 2 leaderboards for each map, for highscores and highest number of rounds survived, so you and your friend can show the world who the real Warlords are!
Year Long Development and Free DLC Plan
We plan to support Warlords.IO for the following year with monthly content updates that will include new maps and featured limited time modes alongside several major DLC updates!
War Mode:
We want to implement dedicated servers for the best possible gameplay performance, and we will begin the implementation and testing with new mode focused on large scale warfare (WAR Mode) that will pit 2 teams of 12 clients/players against each other. This mode will feature elements from other modes in Warlords.IO with base defense, fortification building, and team based minions
Survival Update:
We plan to expand on the Survival mode with a major update to the fortifications system and the addition of player perks that will reward the player with skills, abilities, and buffs for their dedication and aid them in climbing the leaderboards!
Reinforcements Update:
This update will feature 4 new playable Character classes! The character classes will launch with their own unique abilities and survival perks, just like the base classes, but will feature several new gameplay mechanics that we don’t want to spoil just yet!
Strike Teams Update:
The Strike Teams Update will launch a new “Strikes” game mode that will feature 8 player co-op on longer “Strike” missions.
Map Makers Sandbox:
The Map Makers Sandbox update will give players the ability to create, share, and host multiplayer matches on their own created maps.
*Cross-play Disclaimer*
Warlords.IO is currently only available on PC and Android Devices, but are in the process of getting Warlords.IO onto the Xbox One console, and hope to get onto the PS4 and Nintendo Switch by the second half of 2019


Windows 10
Version 10
Broadband Internet connection
1 GB available space

Warlords.io is a Class-Based Top-Down Shooter with MOBA elements that features 4 Player Split-Screen and Cross-Platform Multiplayer in several competitive multiplayer modes and a cooperative Survival mode!
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Languages: English
Publisher: Nerd Herd Games
Online Multi-Player
Shared/Split Screen
Local Co-op
Online Co-op
Local Multi-Player
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