White Wings ホワイトウィングス

This is a winter love song with bitterness.
In the high school of Shizuoka Prefecture, Syouba Senior High School, the tension and pressure of the university entrance examination is coming with the later period of teenage years in a life.
That what awaits in the future is the life to drift apart. Someone may meet again while others may part.
The secrets covered by heavy snow were interwoven with the mournful rhythm.
The broken home,
The bullied experience,
The tears behind the smiles.
Is the taste of the first love sweet or bitter? Who will be saved and who will walk into the abyss?
Be attracted, separated, parted and hurt.
Three teenagers encountered in the cold season with respective bitter secrets.
At the last winter before the university entrance examination, a beautiful transfer student, Miyazawa Moe, came to the Syouba Senior High School.
She was arranged next to Fujihara Hiro, who has an extraordinary appearance and indifferent breath. Like a piece of the cold snowflake, she casually drifted into his heart. All of these seemed like a romantic beginning.
However, the beautiful and excellent girl, Miyazawa Moe, failed to be welcomed by others but became an isolated existence for her indifferent character. But her talent and beauty have touched Fujihara Hiro, whose family had been broken for a long time. And she was also special about Fujihara Hiro. When he was moved and attempted to approach Miyazawa Moe, he found it was too hard.
Meanwhile, another girl with nifty characters and warm smiles, Fukihara Reika, also encountered with him.
She was cheerful, generous, warm and nifty and gave Fujihara Hiro a fresh feeling. Besides attracted by Miyazawa Moe, Fujihara Hiro also believed that Fukihara Reika with a bright and ardent energetic lifestyle and unrestricted character that might be a little naughty liked an angel with opened white wings for him. The warm flame and bright light reignited the enthusiasm and hope for Fujihara who seemed to be gentle to everyone but feared to communicate with others in the mind. The existence of Fukihara was too eye-catching and made Fujihara couldn’t help but bring destruction on himself as the candle moth flies into the fire.
One side was the iceberg beauty who was indifferent and distant to others, while the other was the elusive elf maiden.
His heart drifted and wavered between two maidens.
How to make the right decision?
Fujihara Hiro
Age: 18
Constellation: Capricornus
Birthday: 27 December
Height:176 cm
Class: Group A, Grade Three
Image: Short black hair; Standard stature; Melancholy temperament when not laughing.
Character: His academic performance was always the bottom, but he was good at sports.
Character Introduction:
As the leading character, he was an ordinary student of Group A, Grade Three of Syouba Senior High School.
His parents had high expectations of him, but he always failed to meet their demands. During his primary period, his academic results were not too bad. However, after the derailment of his father, he witnessed the break-up process of his parents when they were in disputes, and saw the ugly side of humanity. Then, he became hard to believe in love and had no mood to study hard.
After the parents divorced, he lived with his mother. Affected by his mother’s resentment of the father, he was afraid and hated to become a person like his father. He also was afraid of the disappointed and hateful eyes of his mother. So, even receiving love letters from girls, he also never replied and didn’t dare to fall in love with others.
He was a sunny person and paid attention to nothing apparently, but self-abased intrinsically. For love, he always hesitated and couldn’t decide and liked to escape.
The only true friend for him was Tenjin Tatsuhiko.
His grades in the long-distance race, high jump, swimming and shot were excellent. In the school sports meeting, he easily broke the school record in sprinting. Due to his mother’s dislike, he had to give up the identity of sports students of the basketball team even he loved basketball.
He was popular among girls and could receive various love letters and snacks. With a gentle appearance and delicate mind, he could be keenly aware of the mood changes, instead of emotional changes, of the other. And then he adjusted himself to avoid conflicts with others. He was afraid of arguing; and he always cringed at everything and liked to serve as a nice guy.
He was popular among girls, but actually, he was not good at communicating with them.
Emotionally, he was very serious and delicate.
Irie Kenji
Identity: Father of Fujihara Hiro
Age: 40
Occupation: Supervisor
Character Introduction:
Because of the pursuit of romance, he married Fujiwara Kayoko after the cooperation many years ago and had a baby soon. However, they always argued for his dissatisfaction with her addiction to her work. Later, he derailed and divorced. One year later, he lived together with Fukihara Reika’s mother.
Due to the failure of the marriage, he felt rejected and disappointed at his son Fujihara Hiro, especially after finding Fujihara had an improper relationship with his stepdaughter Fukihara Reika, which was considered as the revenge arranged by Fujiwara Kayoko.
Kinosita Rika
Age: 27
Occupation: Head teacher & History teacher of Group A, Grade Three of Syouba Senior High School
Character Introduction:
As an amiable and gentle teacher, she hoped all students could study hard and live up to the youth. She would like to encourage and support those who study hard.
Kawaguti Hiroya
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Occupation: Art teacher of Syouba Senior High School
Character Introduction:
As a teacher addicted to art, he cherished the talent of Miyazawa Moe who showed a high painting gift and especially allowed her to use the art classroom at any time after school.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: PE teacher of Syouba Senior High School
Character Introduction:
He had no lines and didn’t appear. As the coach of the school basketball team, he hoped to retain Fujihara Hiro so much but had to give up for Fujihara gave up it for his mother.
Suibara Souitirou
Identity: Father of Fukihara Reika
Age: 40
Occupation: Unknown
Character Introduction:
As a coward and shameless and man with a history of domestic violence, he occasionally pestered his ex-wife after the divorce. He also served as the source of Fukihara Reika’s pains.
Hasegawa Ryousuke
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Occupation: Manager of the Coffee Shop
Character Introduction:
As a man with stories, he had a coffee shop, taught Fujihara and Fukihara the garland and was good at mixing drink.

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Fully voiced in Japanese

English, Japanese, and Chinese Language Support

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WIN 10/8/7/XP
Version 8.0
4 GB available space
WIN 10/8
Version 9.0
6 GB available space

“White Wings” is an animated visual novel developed by pureworks Co., Ltd. of Japan. Famous Japanese singer "Chata" singing theme song, 40 anime CGs.Young men and women, three encounters, each carries sorrowful secrets in the cold winter. Embracing each other and absorbing the earth’s final, small bit of warmth.
Steam score: 46%
Languages: English / Japanese / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese
Publisher: Pureworks Japan
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White Wings ホワイトウィングス
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