Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan - Founder Edition
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Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan
is the Sci-Fi Action MMORPG with fast-paced Hack'n'Slash combat. It requires strategic team composition, the smart use of special abilities, quick reflexes, and above all, an appreciation for over-the-top weaponry.
Pick from over a dozen unique heroes from two rival factions, the Guardians and Abandon, to take on an aggressive cyborg race called the Broken. In addition to intense boss fights and PVE missions, the game also offers large-scale PvP content where you can claim victory (and of course, loot) for yourself or your team.
Fast-paced Hack’n’Slash combat
Wild Buster
is a full MMO with dynamic Hack’n’Slash action
Shooting, slashing, burning, dodging, rolling - Think fast, move faster!
Unique heroes to collect and level
Over 14 selectable heroes (24 planned) that employ distinctly different play styles and unique abilities
Play as legendary video game characters such as Duke Nukem
Select from Mech-suit Engineer, Tamer, Dual-Blade Assassin, Sniper, and many more
Different skill combinations with 2 powerful ‘ultimate skills’ to choose from for each hero
All skills can be customized with items to enhance their potential and increase or even add additional effects
increase your account-wide rank level beyond your characters’ levels to get extra attribute bonuses
Optimize gear, enhance, and strategically combine skills to build your ideal hero
MMO Features
Versatile gear with different attribute increases, rarities and set bonuses
During co-op gameplay, take on roles as Tank, Range DD, Melee DD, and Support
Professions: Enchanting, blacksmithing, mining, fishing and more
Achievement system
Guild system
Auction house
Group finder
Different mounts and pets
PvE Content
500+ varied quests and daily missions
20+ dungeons with unique boss fights and 3 different difficulties
4 raid instances with challenging boss fights - assemble a strong team or go home!
4 defence maps where players have to protect a payload against engaging hordes of monsters
PvP Content
5 vs. 5 Player squad league (10 vs. 10 planned after Early Access)
4 open PvP zones
Free-for-all PvP treasure fight where the winner takes it all
The story: Two rival factions, one major thread!
In a war-torn galaxy, the Broken, an aggressive cyborg race, are hell-bent on dooming the remaining humans to the same desolate half-man-half-machine fate. On the hostile alien planet of Titan, the remaining colonies struggle to defend themselves. The planet’s two rival factions must put their differences aside if they are to prevent the complete annihilation of mankind.
The Guardians are an orderly military organization that relies on strict discipline and intense training to fulfill their mission of protecting all humans. The Abandon, however, are an alliance of wild, unbound mutants. Though they are less disciplined, Abandon are experts in utilizing weapons and gadgets to adapt and survive in the harshest environments.
Despite them being rivals, the game allows heroes from both factions to fight side-by-side during missions, dungeons, squad leagues, and all battle arenas.


Win 7 (64bit) or higher
Intel i3 or equivalent
Geforce 560 GT or equivalent
Version 11
5 GB available space
Win 7 (64bit) or higher
Intel i5 or equivalent
Geforce GTX 750 or equivalent
Version 11
5 GB available space
Supported Languages:
English, German

Developer: Nuriworks
Publisher: Insel Games Ltd.
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