Yag is a shared Role Playing Game virtual table intended to be played online with friends.
Everything you need to know:
Complete info about Yag can be found on its website.
You'll find there:
The detailed list of features ("Features" tab)
Links to Youtube tutorial videos in english and french ("Tutorials" tab)
Links to all available videos, tutorials and news ("Videos" tab)
The full YAG-LUA API documentation ("Lua api" tab)
What you can do with Yag:
Create a server / connect to a friend's server (up to 8 simultaneous players)
Setup an infinity of parametrized procedural dungeons and their environement with different visual themes
Choose your characters/creatures among hundreds of 3D animated miniatures.
Equip your 3D characters with hundreds of weapons/spells/objects and have them ride any 3D creature.
Share pictures from the internet: use any picture available through a public url as a map or a pawn.
Have 3D dice rolling and get their results displayed in a journal (results can be public or private)
Manage Character Sheets with automated dice rolls
Manage action rounds with initiative
Use embedded LUA scripting to:
- Fully automate character sheets
- Fully customize the dice language
- Modify pawns properties (initiative, health points, ...)
- Create rulesets
- Generally do what you want with a scripting language
Change day/night time and have the sun move at any chosen speed for real time scenes
Hide your pawns from other players (e.g: invisibility spell) or from all players if you are the Dungeon Master
Use 3rd or 1st person view to see through the eyes of any character/creature.
Prepare and save your scenes (dungeons, pawns, character sheets, options)
Import/Export your Character Sheets in text format to prepare/edit/save them in any 3rd party program.
If your video card is Ansel compatible, use Yag as a map generator by creating high res pictures of dungeons and printing them for your real table.
Make beautiful screenshots using in game mechanism (any custom res), Steam, or Ansel (if you have an Ansel compatible video card)
Yag is system agnostic: it does not rely on any game rule and can be used to play any game with any rules as long as it requires a gameboard, pawns, and dice.
Yag offer a lot of possibilities and hence is fairly complexe to fully use, but it can be used progressively:
first only as a shared visual setup (dungeons and pawns): Yag is designed so that setting up a complexe scene should only take seconds.
then you can use ingame dice with the journal
then you can learn to use the ingame character sheets that will let you manage characters and automate dice rolls
then you can use initiative, manage rounds, and use the more complexe options Yag has to offer
finally you can learn to use the API with the LUA language and do whatever you want
Yag is entirely silent: you'll have to use a 3rd party audio server (Teamspeak, Steam, Discord...) to talk with your friends.
Yag is not a single player game, there is no AI, no goal set ingame, no villain to fight, nothing to win, it is merely an online shared gaming table.


windows 7 or later
2.33 Ghz or faster x86-compatible processor
Broadband Internet connection
20 GB available space
Sound Card:
no sound
Additional Notes:
Depends on the amount of assets you choose to display on screen.

Yag is a Role Playing Game table. It offers what's needed to play rpgs: dungeons, miniatures, dice and character sheets, customizable and automatable through embedded LUA scripting. It lets you use any public picture from the net to play any game requiring a gameboard, dice, and pawns.
Steam score: 100%
Languages: English
Publisher: Bonjourcoco
Online Multi-Player
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